Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Robert Brown Parker--A Sweet Memory

Robert Brown Parker
Born September 17, 1932 – died January 18, 2010.

Below you'll see a coffee cup with a picture of Robert B. Parker and our daughter, Chaney.
We met him in Houston at Murder By The Book when he was promoting Perchance to Dream.
Our daughter, age 9 at the time, scooted next to him and put her arm on his shoulder. He smiled and leaned close to her; I snapped their picture. I wish I'd plied him with questions about plotting and characterization, but I can't remember saying much of anything. I do remember his smile--as if it were yesterday. I remember being impressed by his kind expression, and that sweet, sweet smile. His warmth toward his fans was genuine. I liked him. I really liked him.

We were Robert B. Parker fans/readers long before we met him. We like nice guys and good writers.
And look--he loved us too. He signed the book to our daughter: Chaney, with love . . .

He's an author who will be missed.

My favorite ROBERT B. PARKER QUOTES because I think they show his heart:

I had achieved the most important things in my life when I married Joan and had the sons. Given the choice between Joan and the boys, and being a writer, I would give up being a writer without a blink. ~Robert B. Parker

For David Parker and Daniel Parker, with the respect and admiration of their father, who grew up with them.
~Robert B. Parker

Joan organizes our social life, and on weekends I follow her around. ~Robert B. Parker

Well, you give me too much credit for foresight and planning. I haven't got a clue what the hell I'm doing. ~Robert B. Parker


Sherry Dale Rogers said...

Never read any of his stuff but I am sure he will be missed.

Erica Vetsch said...

I'm so sad. I read his westerns, Appaloosa, Brimstone, etc. and I felt when I'd finished I'd been to a writer's conference.

Debra Harris-Johnson said...

What a sweet guy, love his quotes and honesty. I am sad at his passing.

Carole said...

Have you gone to his website and listened to him sing Moon River? It blew me away.