Monday, December 28, 2009

Good-bye 2009 -- Hello Tomorrow

This is the time of year I look back and say, "I should have..., I wish I could have..., Why didn't I..."

Looking back on 2009, I actually accomplished more than in 2008. This year I wrote and took pics for The Times of Southwest Louisiana. One of my pictures actually made the cover. I've been able to get needed publicity for deserving artists, writers, and different organizations. Overall, I feel fairly satisfied with this year, though I didn't write a lot of fiction. I've been able to encourage and teach and I absolutely LOVE that--encouraging those who truly have talent and teaching/instructing on a casual level. I've learned a lot about myself.

But what do I want for 2010?

Arghhhh, I hate verbalizing goals, tossing them out there for all to see. That's the kiss of death. I hate--yes, HATE-- commitment, even though I never miss deadlines and will bust butt to meet them. I hesitate to obligate myself for some weird reason, but I've certainly done a lot of that this year. And that's what makes me wonder. . .

If I toss my goals out there for all to see (or at least the 24 of you who follow this pitiful semblance of a blog) will I be more likely to accomplish them?

Let's find out and see what happens.

In 2010 I want more of the same, but also I want to . . .

Rewrite Miranda's Mistake and In the Valley of Broken Dreams. Both novels are completed but I plan to revise/rewrite using Randy Ingermanson's Snowflake method--a program I bought and really like. I'll give each revision 6 months.

Do some freelancing--just a little--outside the regional market.

Completely outline the three nonfiction books I've started. No pressure here. I want to just sit down and devote some time to them; give each some serious thought.

For fun, do some beading. I'm always threatening to quit writing and go into jewelry-making. Well...I've taken the first step and joined a beading group.

And last, become a serious blogger. That's where YOU come in. What do I blog about?

I've noticed my favorite blogs are those that are organized with a specific schedule, like my friend Erica's at On The Write Path. That's what I want: ORGANIZATION!

So... give me some inspiration or advice. So far I have Monday Motivation which can be any little motivational tidbit including quotes and on Saturdays I'll revive my Louisiana Saturday Night--interviewing Louisiana authors. I'd like to blog about three or four days a week. I plan to cut back on the blog tours/reviewing except for special friends and books.

Suggestions, anyone? Come on, help me out here!


Erica Vetsch said...

Wow, thanks, Jess, for the plug. :)

Ideas..I kind of like Wordless Wednesdays, where the blogger posts a picture and the readers get to caption it?

Peggy Clement said...

Tackle It Tuesdays- find contests, etc. for readers to enter
Think About It Thursdays--- talk a little about a chosen scripture or inspirational quote

(just thoughts) I like your blog. I have a thing about commitments too.

Jake Chambers said... there a place on the sideline for me to just cheer you on? Lord knows you've done a bunch of it for me.

your plan for 2010 is where did i see a hint of having to eat better and get exercise. keeping the mind sharp with your scheduled hand-wringing should be plenty.

thanks for your guidance this past year Jess, between you and my online classmates, i have reached a point in my writing that was obviously unobtainable on my own.

i realize that this 'desire' for writing began my senior year in high school...some 37 or 38 years ago, and you helped bring it to the surface. looking forward to 2010..

Jess said...

Thanks for the comments. I like Wordless Wednesdays too, Erica, and I might do that with pictures I take. Thanks for that suggestion.

Hi Peggy, thanks for visiting. I had actually thought about Thursday Thoughts... Tackel It Tuesday sounds interesting too. :)

Jake! Don't be like my husband and talk about dieting and eating right. Grrrrrrrrrr! :-) Okay, okay, doesn't that go without saying? Grrrrrrrrrr!

Thanks everyone and Happy New Year.

Winona said...

Don't know what to suggest, Jess. I like your blog and your way with words. This year I'm not writing down my goals, just going to take it one day at a time. I like having prompts of some sort. They encourage my creativity.

Jess said...

Thanks, Nona. We sure miss you in BWG. Word prompts are good -- I might do some of those too. :)

Ya'll have given me GREAT ideas so all I need to do is make a commitment (blah) and do it! Just do it!

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