Saturday, November 21, 2009

Conference Pictures - A Bridge to Publication

Many of you have heard me whining, bragging, complaining, worrying about our Bayou Writers' conference here in Lake Charles. Well. . . it's over. Hard to believe I've been extremely involved with two conferences and there's always something to learn. What you expect to happen probably won't. What you don't expect to happen, of course, will. I thought there would be all kinds of problems this year--not because of any one person, but because of the way we worked. We all had a job to do and we did our jobs, but this year it seemed we worked far more independently than we did last year. Whatever works, I guess.

My husband works construction. I've worked construction too, and I noticed right away that a construction project usually takes on the personality of the project manager. If he's one who likes to party and stay out all night, believe me, the entire project exemplifies that kind of behavior. A more conservative type personality will definitely have less problems.

I should have remembered that and worried less about this year's conference. Our conference coordinator has a quiet, laid-back demeanor and so did our conference. It was a sweet, lady-like conference with no glitches. The only time I truly panicked was when I looked at the schedule, my watch and the back door where food was supposed to be delivered. Shortly after my stomach dropped, the food arrived. :)

We had great speakers, a wonderful conference committee, the Beaumont Barnes & Noble drove over to sell writing books and our book room volunteers were perfect. Author Curt Iles who is also our TV spokesperson handled the sound-system. Now that's where all the pressure was! Curt did a super job. He was cool, calm, collected and very efficient. I have to brag, because I'm so very proud to be president of Bayou Writers' Group in Lake Charles, Louisiana for one more year. We're a great group.

Just look at our pictures. We had fun.


The Voice said...

The pictures look nice and inviting. You did a good job with the organizing.

Debra Harris-Johnson said...

Congratulations Jess. I knew it would be great.

Amy De Trempe said...

I am glad you were able to enjoy your conference. Thanks for sharing.

Patti Lacy said...

Sounds like a great group! Next time I'm down Bayou way, maybe we can get a load off and sip on a cafe au lait!