Friday, June 26, 2009

Two Texas Girls: Farrah Fawcett and Me

Farrah Fawcett is dead and it brings tears to my eyes. I was a huge Charlie's Angels fan. Here's an EW article/interview with Photographer Bruce McBroom who shot the picture to the left.
Here's her obit in the Los Angeles Times.

Who in their 60s today didn't at least try to wear a Fawcett-do? Below see a picture of my attempt. The newspaper in my hometown--obviously desperate for a story--interviewed me about my desire to write. This was May, 1977. I wore my Fawcett hairdo for several years even though it was a lot of trouble to maintain. Yep, the vain me thought it was worth the trouble. I had to roll it daily, and then like Farrah, I sprayed and arranged.

I'm still crazy about the Farrah Fawcett hair--and I'm still a Farrah fan. :-) She was a beautiful young woman from Texas that will always bring a smile and good memories to my mind.

Prayers going up for her family.

Do you have any memories of Farrah?


Debra Harris-Johnson said...

Forget the hair do (which by the way was incredible) where was the one of you wearing the wet swimsuit?

Jake Chambers said...

now i can say that i have been instructed by farrah's stand in.. who'd a thunk it...

Stargazer said...

Jess, your blog is outstanding! You're revealing more about yourself & I love it! And, yes, where is the pic of you in the wet bathing suit?