Saturday, February 28, 2009

Withdrawal - For Your Information

I'm going through a horrible withdrawal. I'm coming to the library to use the computer. My telephones are out of order which means my Internet is out too. I'm cut off from the world--at least that's the way it feels. No email, no surfing the 'net, no FaceBook... no prayer warriors that I keep in touch with. No Louisiana Saturday Night interviews. I have two scheduled and they're great so I hope to post them the next two Saturdays.

Keep Eric in your prayers. I sent a text to Angie this morning asking how they were doing and her reply was... "Hanging in." I didn't feel encouraged so I'm popping over to her blog right now to see what 'hanging in' really means.

I won't be back here on this blog until the AT&T guys show up at my house--no later than six 0'clock on Monday. Grrrrrrrr.

Hope you're having a good weekend. Have a blessed Sunday!

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Mindy Blanchard said...

AT&T sucks! Sorry you're out of everything. I know what thats like. missing the blog posts!