Thursday, February 12, 2009

I Wish I Was A Songwriter

I wish I was a songwriter instead of . . . whatever I am.

Can you imagine flicking on the radio and hearing words that came from deep down in your soul making their way across the airwaves into the hearts of complete strangers? Can you imagine creating a melody so powerful, so beautiful it can instantly soothe a troubled mind, a wounded spirit, heal (at least encourage) a broken heart?
Can you imagine someone you didn't even know existed wanting to, needing to, aching to hear your song over and over and over again.

Words + Melody = ________________________ (fill in the blank for me.)

I love books but there are times I wish I was a songwriter.


Erica Vetsch said...

I remember feeling that same desire when I first heard I Can Only Imagine, by Mercy Me.

jess said...

Same here, Erica. I love Mercy Me and especially I can Only Imagine. Most music makes me want to be part of the action! I love it all... want to see me dancing around the house with arms raised, just put on Fred Hammond's Spirit of David. My friend Marilynn Griffith introduced me to his stuff when we used to crit. But, I can get verrrrrrrrry into George Jones, the Gatlin Bros, Etta James, Patsy Cline... Kris, Willie, Waylon... awwwwwww. I'm psyched! I wanna be a songwriter!

The Voice said...

Tears in my eyes, ache in the heart. I received such a rush of feelings just from the picture posted. All of the what Kris Kristofferson. I loved him, especially in a "Star is Born". I named my son after him. Brhin-Kristoffer.
David makes me dance, and Mercy Me definitely makes me wonder what I would do when I get next to God.
More than a song writer, I wish I could sing so others could listen

Mindy Blanchard said...

There are times when I swear you can hear the words inside of my heart.

I have found that inside of me lies the heart of a writer, a musician, and an artist. So I know what you mean. (But I don't have musical talents yet but I can ALMOST hear it, see it, feel it.)

What about when we heard your words on audiotape. I bet thats a beautiful sound, too my friend.