Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year!

Here we are several days into 2009. I suspect this year will race by as quickly as 2008. My head is still spinning.

I haven't made any resolutions. Decided not to this year. I'm just going to roll with the flow and let the chips fall where they may. (I might want to kick the cliches, huh? They can't be good for my writing.)

I have a feeling I've already gulped much more than I can chew for this year. I have way too many lofty ideas--for other people. Maybe I should make some New Year's resolutions. Okay, here's one: this year I resolve to write more--especially short pieces. I think I've fallen in love with essays. Go figure!
Here's another: this year I resolve to aggressively pursue publication--especially my short pieces. And another? Oh no no no, this one's secret. :)

Hope your holiday was special and that 2009 will be everything you want it to be.


Mindy Blanchard said...

Whats the third? give it to us. We want in. j/k. I'm not killing myself with resolutions. You know how I vow myself into a meltdown. I'm going with the flow..(this week) lol. but who knows. All I know is that 2009 will be our year.

Did you know? We're going to get published in 2009. (lots and lots and lots).

Here's to the new year!

Stargazer said...

You little tease, you. Say, my word verification looks yukky...(I'm so easily distracted). Hope you'll be able to achieve your resolutions. I didn't make any. Years ago I got tired of breaking all of them every year.

I am about to send a letter to Pelican Publishing re: my kid's book. (Pat youself on the back, Pat).

Debra Harris-Johnson said...

Those short essays and stories are addictive. Instant Gratification..that's what I want this year. IT would be gratifying that my stuff would be published in an instant LOL.