Monday, November 17, 2008

Conference is Over-I can breathe again

First note: A good pair of conference shoes are worth their weight in gold. Yeah, a tacky cliche but so very true.

Our Bayou Writers' Group conference is over. It was great. From my point of view, it went smoothly, we had some wonderful speakers and I connected with some sweet people I used to know and made a lot of new friends. I absolutely love collecting writer friends, encouraging them, and watching them grow and succeed in their careers.

In hindsight, there are a few things we'll definitely be changing for next year. As always, experience is the very best teacher. That applies to writing too. Write, and you will learn how to write.

Here are some pics of our conference.

This is author Randy Denmon. His voice didn't carry and our microphone decided to be contrary, so Randy moved to the center of our group and it worked well. Rumor has it that Randy is our 'most quoted' speaker.

Our Boy's Life editor, Paula Murphey was super. She brought magazines and writers guidelines for everyone. We love personable and easy to talk with editors, and Paula is that and more. Here she is meeting with our friend Ray. Paula is excellent at brain-storming ideas with writers.

My good friend, author Barbara Colley, stepped in for a speaker who had a personal crisis and couldn't make it. Barbara is always professional and well prepared. She should be. She's published over 14 books, is excellent at promotion, and always willing to share information. Barbara even created a hand-out at the last minute. Visit her website here. If you ever need a conference speaker, she has my recommendation. You can also read my interview with Barbara here.

What can I say about David LaBounty, The First Line Literary magazine editor? Actually, I'll try not to go gushy. I have a weakness and an unnatural love for literary magazines. Reading them and submitting to them back in the 70s was my very favorite thing to do. I have billions of rejections. Very little success. David and his family brought back memories of when I traipsed around at writing conferences with my daughter and husband in tow. We always had a good time; we always had interesting family discussions, learned together and shared a lot. The First Line is a great publication and family effort. Check out their website and if one of their first lines grabs you, sit down and whip out that story. There's a lot to be said for spontaneity. Now, because David likes his privacy when it comes to the Internet, I thought I'd treat him to his anonymity but still share with my readers so here he is speaking to our group.Photobucket


Sandra Robbins said...

It sounds like a wonderful day. I wish I lived closer so I could have been there. Congratulations on a great conference.

Sandra Robbins

Debbie Gail Smith said...

It was a great conference. Mom and I learned a lot from each of the speakers. We enjoyed seeing and visiting with other authors - some we knew, some we met. We had a great time.
Kudos to you, Jess, and everyone who helped.

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

You're right Jess, now we can all breath again LOL!

BWG's conference committee deserves a GREAT DEAL of recgonition for a WONDERFUL day!



christa said...

Congrats! What an awesome line-up. Proud of you, sister!

Mindy Blanchard said...

Wonderful Blog about the conference! You and the committee did a great job. I've never been to a BWG Conference but after this one - You can officially add me to the roster each year, even if I move to Canada - I'm coming back just for the conference. lol

Love the altered image of david labounty - you must teach me! (You know I don't like to figure things out for myself when someone else knows and can same me time.)

Hey maybe next year all Conference Committee Memebers can get a free spa day after the conference. I'll work on those donations - I'm a convincer for sure. Wouldn't that be great - maybe we can add that cost to the registration dues for next


Erica Vetsch said...

Congratulations on putting together a great conference! It looks like you had a packed house. Will you be on the conference committee again next year?

jess said...

Mindy... Oh, girl, I'll hold you to that! No matter where you are, you gotta come to conference. LOL

Erica...if someone looks at me and says 'conference committee' I'll run for the hills. LOL Next year I'll be president of BWG so I'm just going to quirk an eyebrow and holler for reports. Whooppeeee.

P.S. to Mindy, as Prez, I'll be vetoing spa day. :)

Pat Marcantel said...

Kudos to all committee members! The weight of getting such a conference together is h-e-a-v-y. I know all of us appreciate you, Jessica. Thanks. Now about that spa day...