Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Bayou Writers Group Conference Speaker - Publicist

I can hardly wait to meet PJ Nunn of BreathThrough Promotions. Publicity--at least, publicity for other people--is one of my very favorite things to do. I love brainstorming ideas on how to get my writer-friends out there. When I was a realtor, I enjoyed this aspect more than the selling and listing. You'd be surprised how similar selling houses is to selling yourself and your manuscripts. Maybe I should hit PJ up for an 'internship' and really learn the ropes. Don't think I haven't thought about it. I hope you'll visit her website and look at her impressive list of clients. Check out her blog too. Promoting ourselves in this business is a must. Get your questions ready.

PJ Nunn's career started out as something else entirely.
With a Masters degree in psychology, she left a job teaching at multiple campuses of the Dallas County Community College District in the mid-1990's to become a freelance writer, but found that a few favors she was doing for friends—writing press releases and setting up book signings—was better suited to her talents and her drives.

In 1998, she founded BreakThrough Promotions, now a national public relations firm helping authors, mostly of mystery novels, publicize themselves and their work.

Even in such a short period of time, BreakThrough Promotions has become a respected firm, representing many distinguished authors, like Chris Grabenstein, Elaine Viets, Karna Small Bodman, Julia Spencer-Fleming and Denise Hamilton. The client list sometimes reaches 80 at a time, and BTP's staff has been as large as 15 associates.

Nunn says she is most proud of the fact that BTP has grown each year it has been in business, and her fondness for authors means her client list has become something more than that—in a way, PJ Nunn is still helping her friends.

PJ Nunn is the founder and president of BreakThrough Promotions. She lives with her husband and some of their five children near Dallas, TX.

PJ Nunn
BreakThrough Promotions

Check out her blogs:

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Mindy Blanchard said...

My notebook and pen are ready! I can't wait to hear her speak at the conference! (Do you think she could intern both of us?!? lol)

Angie Kay Dilmore said...

I never knew you were a realtor. I love looking at houses.