Thursday, August 21, 2008

Old Dog - New Tricks

You've heard the old saying, "Can't teach an old dog new tricks." I'm beginning to believe that applies to me. I just purchased a new computer and of course, it's cursed with Vista. My sweet old Dell gave up her ghost at the most inopportune time: I've been designing a conference brochure and a poster, as well as reviewing books and working on my own personal writings.

I can't say yet that I hate Vista. To me, it seems a little weird. It does the same things XP does (so far) except in a scrambled up way. I feel as though I'm playing a perpetual game of hide and seek because I have to search and search to find my favorite tasks. And that reminds me: I haven't yet found where I can put my favorites, and I don't know how to delete a word file. Anyone know?

I've been out of town all week--in Corpus Christi, playing with Vista, trying to get used to this different keyboard, and looking at the ocean on the rainy days we've had. All that water, the beautiful sail boats, provided a calming effect while I fumbled around with this flashy HP.

Ask me next week how much I like or dislike Vista. I'll probably have an answer by then. In the meantime, leave a message. If you have Vista tell me what you like about it...what you hate about it... and how to delete a word doc I no longer want.


Jessica Burkhart said...

Ugh. I hate hearing that Vista is so annoying! :/

Erica Vetsch said...

I'm clinging to my XP...I hate change...esp change that seems not to be as efficient as what came before it. I'm hoping that if I'm one of the last to jump on the bandwagon, plenty of trailblazers will be available to hold my hand through the transition from XP to Vista.

christa said...

Glad you have a new puter. Sorry, don't know a thing about Vista...

The Voice said...

When you click on the Office button (large colorful button) you then click on the open folder where all the documents are, find the one you want to delete, right click and Bam! It's gone.
Not a problem

Debra Harris-Johnson said...

Sorry I get all my knowledge from you! If I ever find out anything I know but you don't I will let you know (smile).

Elizabeth Ludwig said...

(shudder) I haven't bought a new computer for this very reason. I'm SO not looking forward to switching to Vista!!

jess said...

Not a problem, Nancy (the voice)? Not a problem? What Vista are YOU living with? When I open Office all my documents I've deleted are still there. I'm feeling very hostile! Sure there are some good and interesting features to this MESS of a computer program, but there are far more stupid things. Whoever created this piece of manure--and yeah, I know who created it--has an evil streak. Everything we writers need is hidden somewhere. This is nothing but torture. I hate it, hate it, hate it!!!

And I'm off to the bookstore to find Vista for Dummies and pray someone out there was smart enough to write one.

Anonymous said...

'bout time someone else has puter problems besides me!

When I need to delete a doc, I open "files," put the cursor on the one I want gone, and hit the delete button. Sometimes the file name shows up on the drop down, but when I hit it, puter says it's no longer available, then it simply disappears.

Will that work with yours? I have no clue.

Good luck, Luv!

Debra Harris-Johnson said...

My daughter took BCIS this summer and I found her text book that explaine Office 2007 Windows Vista edition. This is a little different from Nancey but here goes.
Click on that colorful Start button
Click All programs
Click accessories
Click Windows Explorer when that opens
Scroll the Folders list, point & right click on the folder you want deleted then click Delete on the shortcut menu.Windows Vista will ask are you sure you want to delete and click YES button. is still in your Recycle Bin so you have to go and delete it there also to get rid of it all together. can borrow the book if you want.