Monday, June 9, 2008

Critiques, Retreats and Radio Interviews

My crit partners are heading to San Antonio this weekend for their annual crit retreat. Last year I was blessed to take part, but too much is happening in my life at the moment to disappear for a weekend. I'm sad about missing out. It's truly my loss.

Today I listened to the radio interviews Lisa and Sandra gave last week. What fun! Listen to them and be blessed.

Sandra Robbins is the author of Pedigreed Bloodlines. Click on Sandra Robbins and enjoy her southern accent. Scroll to Business Talk Radio Interview.

For Lisa's sweet testimony, click on Elizabeth Ludwig. Scroll down to radio interview. Lisa coauthored Where The Truth Lies with Janelle Mowery.


Sandra Robbins said...

How sweet of you to post my interview on your blog, Jess. Can you hear the Southern accent dripping even from my written words?

Sandra Robbins

Janelle said...

It'll be our loss as well, Jess. You'll most certainly be missed. Hugs, my friend.

Elizabeth Ludwig said...

We're going to miss you!! Thanks so much for posting our interviews.

Marcia Gruver said...

Jess, I was holding out hope until the end. You really can't make it? I'm so disappointed. But I know you'd come if you could. We'll miss your wit and wisdom.

I call dibs on your share of the cheesecake! ;D

Sylvia Dickey Smith said...

Great blog, Jess!! I enjoyed visiting! Found you through Debra Johnson's blog!