Friday, May 2, 2008

Promotion Isn't for The Squeamish

Promotion is a thorn in our sides, isn't it? We hate it. We love it. And publishers can't get enough of it. We use bookmarks, flyers, conferences, book trailers. We chase our tails running from one book signing to another and we speak to civic groups on whatever they want us to speak on. There's nothing we won't do to sell the books we've put heart and soul into. When you really think about it, promotion is a brave thing to do.

My friend Lesa Boutin is a brave woman. I met Lesa several years ago when she'd just started her writing career. She was working on her first book, Amanda Noble, Zookeeper Extraordinaire. She won a few contests, including one with Highlights Magazine so she trekked off to New York all alone to take advantage of what Highlights could teach her. I thought that was pretty brave.

She took on the presidency of a writers group before she really knew much about writing. I thought that was pretty brave.

When she got tired of trying to sell Amanda Noble, Zookeeper Extraordinaire, a book she believed in with all her heart, she formed her own little publishing company and published that book herself. Brave--without a doubt.

Today Lesa is working on the sequel to Amanda Noble, Zookeeper Extraordinaire. She's also up to her eyeballs in promotion. She volunteered at the Houston Zoo for research--don't tell me that's not brave.

To show you just how courageous my friend Lesa Boutin is, take a look at these pictures.

I would never do this. I know it's not smart to say never, but believe me, I would never do this. Lesa Boutin is an author after any publisher's heart. You go, girl!


Elizabeth Ludwig said..., no, no. Definitely not for me, Jess. LOL!

Erica Vetsch said...

Yikes! That IS'd never catch me doing that.

Anonymous said...

Jess - Sorry to post this here, but your AOL e-mail account seems to be dead. I can't get a message through our site or hotmail. Any other e-mails?
David (The First Line)

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

You're right Jess, promotion is NOT for the squeamish but this is something I would NEVER do either LOL!

Snakes....yuk, yuk, yikes!

Pamela S Thibodeaux
"Inspirational with an Edge!"