Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Last Minute Decision Pays Off

Back in my younger days, I was a real contest junkie. I mean all contests. I'd send my name and ten soup labels in hopes of winning a truck load of firewood for the winter--okay, slight exaggeration. But I really did enter those kinds of contests. . . for awhile.

In December, I felt drawn to the North Texaas RWA Great Expectations contest. I waited until the deadline had passed, sort of regretted not entering then learned that the deadline had been extended.

I entered

Four reasons I was drawn to this contest is:

1) I could submit my 30 pages via email
2) I could write a query telling a little about myself and my book (no names allowed)
3) I would have a chance to revamp my submission if I made the finals.
4) Melissa Endlich of Love Inspired judges the finalists.

And I placed.

For the past few months, I've been praying about putting my fiction aside and concentrating on nonfiction. I have more NF publishing credits and I can whip out articles and essays a heck of a lot faster than I can a novel. I wonder if this is God's little nudge of encouragement, telling me to hang in there. I don't know.

Here are the finalists. Take a look at this contest for next year. It's a good one.

North Texas RWA congratulates the following finalists of the 2008 Great Expectations contest. We wish everyone the best of luck in the final round.

~~ Contemporary SERIES Category ~~

FINAL ROUND EDITOR: Megan Long, Editorial Assistant, Superromance, Harlequin Books

The Goblin's Trick by Ella Drake

Diner Girl by Mary Duncanson

The Cleopatra Secret by Greta MacEachern

The Nanny's Secret by Ami Weaver

~~ EROTIC ROMANCE Category ~~

FINAL ROUND EDITOR: Raelene Gorlinsky, Publisher and Senior Editor, Ellora’s Cave

Wings of Desire by Cynthia Arends

Running From the Past by Katie Reus

Eternally Three: Perfection by Lee Swift


FINAL ROUND EDITOR: Tessa Woodward, Editorial Assistant, Avon Books

Midnight Promises by Anne Barton Ardizzone

The Duchess Competition by Vicky Dreiling

The Making of Jenny Keeble by Courtney Milan

Passionate Persuasions by Jennifer Ziros

~~ INSPIRATIONAL Category ~~

FINAL ROUND EDITOR: Melissa Endlich, Harlequin Books

Sarah's Rainbow by Margaret Brownley

Miranda's Mistake by Jessica R. Ferguson \o/

Sourdough Creek by Caroline Fyffe

New Hope by Yvonne Harris

~~ MANSTREAM with romantic elements Category ~~

FINAL ROUND EDITOR: Liza Schwartz, Editorial Assistant, NAL

Kingdom On Fire by Yvonne Harris

All For One by Chris Keniston

Heart Wishes by Edie Ramer

Twisted Snare Of Fate by Gracie Stanners

~~ Romantic Suspense Category ~~

FINAL ROUND EDITOR: Allison Brandau, Editorial Assistant, Berkley/Jove

Lying Eyes by Amy Atwell

The Chameleon Effect by Tina Butts

The Surrogate by Tina Butts

See Jane Run by Angela Platt

~~ Single Title Category ~~

FINAL ROUND EDITOR: Alex Logan, Editorial Assistant, Grand Central Publishing

Saints And Sinners by Catherine Chant

The Cost of Love by Vannetta Chapman

The Weight of Love by Vannetta Chapman

Once Upon A Margarita by Heidi Luchterhand


Fantasy, Futuristic, Paranormal & Time Travel ~~

FINAL ROUND EDITOR: Chris Keeslar, Senior Editor, Dorchester/Leisure

Love Bites...Literally by Michelle Lauren

The Night Caller by Laura Martello

The Slayer's Circle by Michelle Odell

To Tame His Heart by Lori Sowell

~~ YOUNG ADULT Category ~~

FINAL ROUND EDITOR: Karen Chaplin, Associate Editor, Puffin/Speak Books

Super Chick by Kimberly Duffy

Fear of Falling by Amber Royer

The Art Of Selling My Sister by Shana Silver

Megan Delaney, Psychic Misfit by Bonnie Staring


Rachel said...


I entered the Genesis. My first "real" contest entry. I'm excited and nervous.

Erica Vetsch said...

CONGRATS!!! What an accomplishment! I'm slaving away at my Genesis entries, fussing, tweaking, and to be honest, a little fretting too. :)

Christa said...

YOU'RE BACK, AND WOW! Great news! Keep us posted on when you win!

Debbie G Smith said...


Hi Jess,

Just found your blog.
Good to see you.... by the way your picture looks Great!

Debbie said...

congrats!! Keep us updated on any other successes. It's exciting to see your work get noticed. May God bless you and your words.


Debbie said...

Thanks for visiting my site. I believe I came across your site by viewing some other blogs. I visit many writer's blogs. I am a member of faith writer's. They have been very helpful in my writing. I have had some devotional pieces published and am still trying to see what doors are out there. Look forward to visiting your site again. God bless deb

Pamela S Thibodeaux said...

Yep, sure sounds like one of God's little nudges!

Now, that doesn't mean you shouldn't whip out those NF articles and essays....everything helps. :-)


upwords said...

Congrats, Jess. I'm not surprised. Not at all.