Wednesday, October 31, 2007


What fun! I'm all geared up to participate in this year's National Novel Writing Month and my computer is on the blink. It's so slow. But that's okay. I've plotted the first few chapters of a new idea. I'll be writing but I might not be posting too much.

Chris Baty is my hero this month. I've listened to a couple of radio interviews he has given and he sounds so . . . enthusiastic. His voice makes me want to sit down and produce something. This morning I read every word of his On Your Mark, Get Set . . . Dear NaNoWriMo participant and I like what he said: There is a door in your brain. That door has been there your entire life. ... Once you've stepped through that door into the vast reaches of your imagination, you'll be able to return there as often as you like. This is one of those quotes that find a special place on my computer so I can read it over and over and over again. :)

I'm a real sucker for contests and challenges such as this. I wrote a novel when I belonged to Survivor Writers, a Yahoo group. If we didn't produce seven pages per week, we got the ax. We'd have to sit out a week before we were invited back in. My group was actually the mini-group. The "big girls" had to produce fifteen pages a week. Whew!

My husband thinks I'm nuts when I do this sort of thing. He wonders why I have to have a carrot dangling in front of my nose to motivate me. I have no idea. I guess because . . . I like carrots. :-)

Am I the only person out there who requires a little something extra to get her going? I sure hope not!

Happy Noveling all you NaNoWriMo partipants. It should be real fun.


Erica Vetsch said...

You're not the only one who needs a goal to shoot at. I love goals!

And don't worry about your slow computer on the NaNo site. Right now it is so slammed with NaNo writers logging in, it moves like a sloth at naptime. With 90K enthusiastic writers all wanting a sense of insanity-community, their server is on overload.

In a couple weeks it will ease off. In the meantime, you can post a word count on your blog and we'll cheer each other on!

You go, Girl!

Marcia Gruver said...

For some reason I work best under pressure. That's my favorite excuse for procrastination. :)

And you're my favorite blogger, Jess. I loved your last two posts. Keep 'em coming.

Jess said...

NaNoWriMo is fun, isn't it, Erica? I'm really having a good time and I don't know why because I'm in the privacy of my own home, just me and my laptop--no one else. I'm not even hanging out on the forums. I sound a little delusional, don't I? Having fun with just me and my laptop? ha! Of course, you probably have me all figured out by my typo -- partipants? ROFLOL I guess that's short for participants.

Thanks for loving me, Marcia. I hope you're writing is going well.

Georgiana said...

I need an extra kick every now and then too. But this year I wasn't at a place where I could start a new novel. I sooo wanted to participate. I hope you're having fun with it Jess!