Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Let me Count the Ways

Some people call it a tagline while others call it a hook--a one-liner describing your novel that should grab an agent or editor immediately and not let go. No matter what you call it, writing one isn't easy. The one-liners below don't really describe my novel. They don't capture what I need to capture to pitch to an agent. They don't even grab me by the throat so I know they aren't going to interest an agent.

By reading the ten one-liners below, you have the essence of my story. Do me a favor. Find one you sort of like and rework it so that it sings. :)

1) The woman who sent him to jail is his only hope to clear his name.

2) A middle-school principal puts her school in danger when she tries to clear the name of a man she unjustly accused of terrorism.

3) Alex Hamilton, unjustly accused of terrorism, must find the person who framed him.

4) Middle school principal Miranda Smith tries to help the man she falsely accused of terrorizing her school.

5) Accused of a crime he didn't commit, Alex Hamilton falls for the woman who sent him to jail.

6) Alex Hamilton and Miranda Smith join forces to clear his name of the crime he didn't commit.

7) Alex Hamilton must prove his innocence of a ten year old crime, but he's being framed all over again.

8) Ten years ago a southern town is rocked by scandal when teenager Alex Hamilton is accused of a terrorist act against his school. Today, it's happening again.

9) Two old classmates join forces to find out who is terrorizing their school.

10) A middle school principal falls for the old classmate she accused of terrorizing their school.


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