Friday, May 11, 2007

I Fought the Law

One of my characters changed his personality tonight. He didn't act like he usually acts. I've known him for several months and all of a sudden, he's coming across a little too casual and almost goofy. In fact, tonight he reminded me of Keith Mars, Veronica's dad, and I realized that's who he is -- a young Keith Mars.

I wonder what causes characters to change mid-stream. Am I getting to know him a little better, or am I going off on some tangent that'll screw me up and waste my time? I'm nearing the end of my book, just a few more chapters. I can't get tangled up with any more subplots.

Dwight Swain, author of Creating Characters , How to Build Story People, wrote: As a matter of fact, a character either in life or in fiction, may, for his own personal reasons, intentionally convey a false impression.

And I say, "Be careful, Sheriff. I won't let some off-the-wall lawman slow me down. "


upwords said...

Hey Jess! Funny you would say this. I really love Keith Mars. And yet when he had that affair last season I felt like he'd done something totally out of character and strange, although based on his history maybe it wasn't. Funny how character sneaks up on us, huh?

love you,

Sandra Robbins said...

Remember that quote from your post the other day about how it's never to late to revise in fiction or in life? If Alex is the one changing, I can understand. Maybe it's time he lightened up. The poor guy has had a lot of problems in the past.


Jess said...

Hi Mary, I like Keith Mars too, though sometimes he does act a bit goofy! LOL

Hey Sandra... no it's not Alex I'm talking about. It's my Sheriff Willis. And I think it's because I watched Veronica Mars Tuesday night after a long dry spell. :))