Monday, April 16, 2007

Who's Managing Me?

I'm so easily distracted it's not even funny. For the past two days, I've been surfing the 'net like there's no tomorrow. That means I've accomplished nothing when it comes to my book. I got off track when I started reading it and finding all those boo boos. I had a sneaking suspicion I should add a scene but when I read the first five chapters, I really felt I needed to delete a couple. - Create custom images

After staying in my jammies all day and roaming around the house all disgruntled, I've decided not to cut any scenes. I'm going back to the original plan--finish the darn thing.

Time marches on; the book stands still. - Create custom images

Another interesting way I've killed time today is by hanging out at Bluebird Blogs ( looking over her great portfolio, and flipping through iStockphoto, admiring the billions of pictures I could use to redesign my blog. I found no less than 15 pics I like. Of course, I only need one. If I would be completely honest with myself, I really don't even need one.

So after mutilating this day, I have to wonder what's in store for me tomorrow. Chapter 10? I wish!

Found this great quote and who did I think of? Me, of course.

One reason why things aren't going according to plan is because there never was a plan. ~Ashleigh Brilliant

Well . . . duh.

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