Monday, April 9, 2007

Monday, Monday... So Good to Meeeeeeee

I get excited about watching the pages of my WIP pile up. I say pile up because I print them out and put them in a 3-ring binder. I started doing that way back in 1995. I like editing a hard copy. I can write across the pages, attach post-it notes, and I can tuck pictures of my characters inside the clear vinyl or the side pockets. Keeping it all together makes me feel organized. Plus, it's fun seeing that notebook get thicker and thicker and thicker. I feel like I'm growing a novel. :)

I wrote 5 pages. :) Considering how many hours are in a day, I'd say writing only 5 pages should be embarrassing. Of course, there were other things that demanded my attention. I critiqued a chapter from Sandra and one from Janelle. I drove to the post office to get daughter's income tax stuff mailed. I talked to Scotland three times, my friend Barbara twice, my sister-in-law once, another sister-in-law twice, and some guy who turned out to be a wrong number. Hey, nice accent. :-D

Today, the telephone was my enemy.

And tonight, I had to watch The Bachelor. uh. . . let's just say, he seems to be more excited about his choices than I am. Poor guy.

Monday's gone. Tomorrow, Chapter 9!

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