Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Hey, Let's Not Overdo It - Create custom images

Yippeeeee! I finished my story about chocolate and submitted it to Chicken Soup for the Chocolate Lovers Soul. I don't normally have any luck with those Chicken Soup people but I tend to edit things to death. This piece seemed more spontaneous. We'll see what happens.

So now I have two things out there. Boy! I'm going great guns these days. I sure don't want to overdo it. :)

It's time to get back to the novel writing. My book absolutely has to be finished by mid-May. Someone needs to kick me into gear. Tomorrow I'll figure out how many pages I have left and what I have to write each day to get to the end. It's crunch time.

Glitter Text codes - PLEASE!!

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Christa said...

Maybe you could hang out at my house Saturday, and we could have a writing marathon--or maybe we could go to Starbuck's, get caffeine ripped and go to it!