Saturday, March 3, 2007

Caught Like a Rat

Funny how blogging can give one a sense of reckless bravado. I've actually started commenting on other people's websites. Something I don't ordinarily do. I'm careful whose website. I know all it would take is one smart remark to put me in my 'place' and send me scurrying back to anonymity where I probably belong. Slowly, I'm sharing this blog but today I made a huge mistake. I shared it with my daughter. Would this be considered a smart remark?

Why have you been holding out on me? I think the pencil at the bottom measuring the progression of your book is nice, but I think it's funny how writing on your blog takes time away from your book. Ha!

Of course, she's absolutely right.

So, tomorrow I will start a new chapter and inch my way toward the tip of the pencil that's measuring my progress. I knew that thing was going to end up being my conscience. :)

After I get up it takes me an hour and a half of fiddling around before I can get up the courage and nerve to go to work.
~James Jones

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Christa said...

Hey--the Sandra link didn't work! LOVE the pencil.