Saturday, February 10, 2007

Ideas - 2 for a Dollar!

I wish I could sell ideas. I've always enjoyed brainstorming so maybe I should hang my "idea shingle" and go into business. But that's probably called writing coach. I wonder when the writing coach came into being. Maybe when the market became glutted and writers couldn't make a living writing? I came across a writing coach (also called personal coach) who charges $150 to $500 an hour. Can you believe it? Of course, for those writers who have undefined goals, the more often they speak with their coach the better. And all of this is by phone. I'll tell you now, that certainly wouldn't work for me. I am not a telephone person. I find this entire thing totally unappealing, but I could have a distorted opinion of mentors too. To me, a mentor is someone who freely gives of their wisdom and time. Oh by the way, the person coach that charges up to $500 dollars has a number of books published--by iUniverse.

This is the 10th day of my fast. I can't figure out why I lost seven pounds quickly then gained them back in the blink of an eye. Maybe it's because I started eating baked potatoes for lunch each day, but geez a girl's gotta eat something. I'm not putting butter and cheese on them, just a little Tony Chachere's Creole seasoning. It's great on everything! So... eleven days to go. :) I'm heading to O'Charley's for one of their Cajun steaks.

I've written the rough draft of my 500 word essay for Are You A Writer Mama? Writer's Digest contest. The deadline is March 31st so I still have some time to work on it. It's ba-a-a-ad. I can't seem to focus on what I'm trying to say. The topic is: When Parenting and Writing Collide. Great topic and one that I'm very familiar with. . . but I seem to be putting too positive a spin on it and I'm wondering if other moms can identify. I'll have to give it more thought. I'm a big fan of Christina Katz, author of Writer Mama and creator of the Writers on the Rise online zine. It's great. Check it out at

Today was one of those pleasant days that flew by. I met Barbara and David at I-Hop. Watched them eat while I sipped water with lemon. Christa called and we had a quick, pleasant chat about cozy mysteries. Jim called from Scotland. I found out my daughter drove into Baton Rouge to watch LSU whoop Arkansas. :)

And here I am alone trying to sell ideas - 2 for a $.


Hope Clark said...

Keep it up girl - both the diet and reading Writers on the Rise.

Hope Clark
Columnist at WOTR

Sage said...

Hiya, I'm a big fan of Christina Katz, too! Here's hoping your story goes fabulously well. I'm with you: who can resist a potato?

Sage Cohen
Managing Editor,
Writers on the Rise

writermama said...

Looking forward to reading your submission (although I'm sure I won't know it's yours because WDB will surely make the submissions "blind" by the time I get them)!

In the writing spirit,

Christina Katz