Thursday, February 1, 2007

First Day Introspection

I awoke at 8:00 A.M. With anticipation, I might add. I immediately raised my arms upward and thanked God for another day. Nothing like starting off on the right foot. With praise. Then, I crawled out of bed, got down on my knees and prayed for a number of people. My plan was to pray until Jim called at 8:20 or 8:30, but he surprised me by calling at ten after. I wondered if God was giving me a treat because of my good intentions. :) Maybe He thought He'd make things a little easier for me on my first day of the Daniel fast. It's somewhat disconcerting to know that God already knows if I'm going to succeed or fail, if I'm going to sip a little diet Coke or open those pretzels that are in the pantry. But I didn't cheat today. After I spoke with Jim, I got a cold bottle of water and crawled back into bed to do my Beth Moore study - Daniel, of course. We're on Week 9 in the study and I'm always amazed at Beth's insight. God has truly blessed her. She can say the simplest thing that we already know but it seems so profound in the midst of her study, and coming from her. For example, she pointed out that "Daniel's search of Scripture prompted interaction. Scripture reading was the way Daniel allowed God to speak to him ... then prayer was the way Daniel spoke back." I like that. I want that interaction with God and the only way to have it is to read His word and pray. I want to be holy and godly. But how can anyone live a holy and godly life when they have a television in the house?
So, after my Bible study, I noted some things in a journal before coming to the computer around 10:30 with a bowl of yucky oatmeal. No sugar! no pretend sugar! but heavily loaded with unsalted pecans. Believe me, I didn't think I would get that stuff down. Whew! Another bottle of water as a chaser. I know, technically, I should be boiling the water or drinking distilled, but God didn't impress on me to do that. I feel He's happy with my attempt. I'm not pushing the envelope when it comes to eating fruits, veggies and nuts and water. I had a salad for my evening meal and I wanted to pepper it with black and green olives, and croutons. I wanted to dip my fork into the Thousand Island but I didn't. I love chips and dips, and toast lathered with butter and apple jelly, and King Cakes, and Popeye's fried chicken and ice cream. Ohhhhhh, how I love my ice cream. But I didn't have any cravings today. Thank the Lord! I had peace. I answered emails, critiqued Lisa's chapter 8, researched some things for my own story, and best of all -- I wrote on my own story. I'm making progress. Slow as it is, it's still progress.
It's great how writers can and will help each other with critiques, research, encouragement. I sent questions to Sandra and Christa today, and they were quick to respond with answers. Christa called to discuss my scene and we ended up talking for about an hour. Got emails from Lena and Debby, and Terri and Rachel. Baker Publishing sent me an author gift: Tangerine by one of my favorite ladies-Marilynn Griffith.
What do writers do when they have no writer friends?
What do women do when they have no women friends?
How do men make it if they have no pals?
How do non-believers function with no faith?
Can I write a novel in a month?
Can I fast for 21 days eating only fruits and vegetables?
Can I go 21 days without my diet Cokes - just water and 100% all natural fruit juice?
God knows.
Praise God from whom all blessings flow.
Thank you, Lord, for a great day.

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